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Medical Care Manager for Patients and Medical Care Providers.

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How does
  it work?

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It’s not a sale, not software licencing, neither software rent. It’s not application development. It’s SaaS! Simply create your account and you and your patients can start using it.

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What do
I need
to begin?

You don’t need servers, hosting, programmers, long tech evaluations, comparatives or other software acquisition factors. We have a Professional Services team available to help you with any integration or customization, but it is not necessary.


Full Patient Management.

Digital Medical Records.

Online Medical Appointments – Appointments Schedule.

Smart Medical Attention Flow.

Fast, Comfortable and Efficient.

Internal Management Tools.

Smooth Integration with AWS API Gateway.

What should
I expect?

Flamedic is ideal if your hospital, clinic or consulting office wants to organize and control information on their patients, creating a database and improving its processes.

Moreover, processes semi-automation will help you assist more patients in less time!

Patients will have the possibility of carrying out formalities online.

You’ll need less administrative staff.

You’ll have improved control over the workload.

You’ll better integrate your work areas.

> 99.9% Availability!
Runs 100% from Amazon AWS

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What about

We follow Cloud Standards ISO 27001, PCI, SOC, HIPAA, and Privacy Act.

You always have control of your information.

Data is stored and protected in a global infrastructure to avoid local issues.

We implement solid internal standards to ensure information confidentiality.

You’ll better integrate your work areas.

Patient Management
Wherever you are

Thanks to our adaptive design, you can manage patients anywhere you are. Just go to our website from any device and log in.

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Thanks to our subscription-based system, you don’t have to face setup costs or retention contracts.

Your first 50 health cases are completely free! After that, monthly fees are:


$50USD / month

  • Unlimited Patients
  • Unlimited Doctors
  • Unlimited Health Records
  • 100 Appointments per month


$100USD / month

  • Unlimited Patients
  • Unlimited Doctors
  • Unlimited Health Records
  • 200 Appointments per month
  • Email Tech Support


$200USD / month

  • Unlimited Patients
  • Unlimited Doctors
  • Unlimited Health Records
  • 500 Appointments per month
  • Email and Live Chat Tech Support
  • ($0.10 per additional appointment)


Who is Flamedic for?

For clinics, hospitals, consulting offices or stand-alone doctors.

What is Flamedic for?

Flamedic is a patient, medical records, and schedule (appointments) management tool.

I’m a patient. How can I use Flamedic?

Flamedic allows patients to create an account. That way you can access your medical record and calendar. At the same time, you can request appointments directly with your physician through Flamedic.

Who can use Flamedic?

Physicians, patients, and receptionists (or managers).

How do I get Flamedic?

Flamedic can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store. Coming soon on Apple’s AppStore and Web versions.

How much does Flamedic cost?

We offer plans that adapt to different workload needs for our clients.

What do I need to use Flamedic?

You just need to download the app. It’s easy as that!

How can I try Flamedic?

Your first 50 appointments on Flamedic are free! Your credit card is not needed, which allows you to try our tool and make an informed decision.